COMET celebrates its 20th Anniversary!


Discover COMET and celebrate its 20th Anniversary! In 1990, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the National Weather Service (NWS) established the COMET Program to promote a better understanding of mesoscale meteorology and to maximize the benefits of new weather technologies.

Today COMET has broadened its work to provide education and training in other geoscience fields, using innovative instructional methods to engage both professionals and the public. COMET produces and delivers online modules and courses that serve as resources for a wide variety of users, including operational meteorologists, emergency mangers, broadcast meteorologists, the public, and K-12 teachers and students. COMET’s extensive library (over 550 hours of educational material) has won numerous awards, including the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Gold Medal Award (2004), the American Geophysical Union Award for Excellence in Geophysical Education (2006), and the National Weather Association’s Public Education Award (2009).

The COMET Program provides all of its distance learning educational materials at no cost through its MetEd Website - COMET online materials and modules serve over 110,000 users in 200 countries, and a portion of the on-line library is available in Spanish and French.

The COMET staff includes scientists, multimedia specialists, graphic artists, instructional designers, and administrative and information technology specialists. The COMET Program Director is Dr. Timothy Spangler, and the Deputy Director is Dr. Joe Lamos.

COMET's Anniversary Timeline

1996 - CD Rom Module

1996 - CD-ROM Module
COMET technology has progressed from modules developed for laser disc to CD-ROM to the web as technology has advanced.

COMET's 20th anniversary timeline (interactive PDF)