UCAR/NCAR 50th Anniversary Slogan/Logo Contest Guidelines

As we begin to plan for the 50th anniversaries of NCAR and UCAR, we need your help in creating a slogan and designing a logo to commemorate the occasion. Our celebrations, which will extend throughout 2010, will reflect the broad themes of environmental sustainability and bringing science to bear on society. We will be showcasing NCAR and UCAR strengths and calling on various audiences to take on individual and communal responsibility for the health and future of our planet.

Entries may consist of a logo design, a slogan, or both. We are looking for good ideas, not necessarily polished designs. They may be submitted in hard copy or digital form. Concepts and wording should be succinct and forward-looking.

Logo concepts should allow for a variety of sizes and purposes (T-shirts, web pages, posters, etc.) Entries will serve as guidance for the 50th anniversary committee. The final design may be elaborated as needed and may incorporate aspects of more than one submission.

  • Deadline for entries: Monday, May 18
  • Winner selected: Friday, June 12
  • Logo and slogan unveiled and prize awarded: Friday, August 28, at the Up-the-Hill races.

Please submit all entries by e-mail or hard copy to Bob Henson (FL4), bhenson@ucar.edu. Below are a couple of previous examples.

Previous Examples

40th Anniversary Logo & Slogan (2000)

25th Anniversary Logo

Winning Entries:

Congratulations to Candice Murray, from CISL, for designing the winning logo.

Russ Rew (Unidata) submitted the winning slogan, "Science Serving Society" (with a tip of the hat to Walt Roberts).