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Massive international study examines tropical storms

In 1974, NCAR joined a vast team of organizations and researchers from more than 70 nations for the Global Atmospheric Research Program’s Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE), which extended from the Senegal coast to the Caribbean—the world's biggest atmospheric field study up until then. The purpose of GATE was to understand the tropical atmosphere and its role in global atmospheric circulation. It was the first major experiment of the Global Atmospheric Research Program, GARP, whose goal was to understand the predictability of the atmosphere and extend the time range of daily weather forecasts to over two weeks. By coordinating operation with partners from around the world, GATE established UCAR as an organizer of large initiatives involving the global community of atmospheric and related sciences. Exhaustive sampling for GATE gave scientists a better understanding of tropical storm systems and a huge data set that is still in use after 35 years. Two years later, the GARP Global Weather Experiment provided the worldwide coverage needed to improve computer models of weather and climate.