Cloud seeding

Seeding clouds to control the weather has long been a dream of farmers, businesses, and governments concerned about droughts, hail, or simply getting the right weather to happen in the right place at the right time. NCAR has been engaged in weather modification studies for nearly 40 years, focusing on the difficult task of proving that seeding techniques make a significant difference. Most recently it has worked with the United Arab Emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Indonesia, and Italy on weather modification experiments. A five-year, $8.8 million pilot project begun in 2006 is examining whether seeding clouds with silver iodide produces a measurable increase in snowfall over Wyoming's Medicine Bow, Sierra Madre, and Wind River mountain ranges. Depicted above: a hygroscopic flare burns during cloud seeding experiments in Mexico. (OR NCAR's Tara Jensen and Dan Breed (standing) align a radiometer with Jason Goehring of Weather Modification, Inc. during weather modification experiments in Wyoming.)